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So easy making a ringtone is! So easy making a ringtone is!
  • Import a sound data file.
  • Arrange length of ringtone, start time or end time, add effects and save the data.
  • Only tapping a button one time, set ringtone you made your Android phone's ringtone by!

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Various effects Various effects
You can select a effect from 9 effects(Jazz,Pop,Bass Extreme etc)
 * you can select a effect from 3 effects by using free version.
Change speed
You can change speed of sound from 0.5 times to twice. When you change speed, tone of sound changes also.
Change volume
You can change volume of sound from 0.5 times to twice.
Fade-in and fade-out
the sound fade in at the starting of ringtone or out at the ending.
Enjoy ringtone with friends and families! Enjoy ringtone with friends and families!
After setting effects, save your ringtone.
You input saving-file-name, and only tap a button to make a ringtone.
Automatically '@Ringtone' normalize the ringtone, so easy to use it.

When you use a sound which is small volume, for example classic music, the ringtone's volume is raisen to some extent automatically.

You can set ringtone you made not only as default ringtone your Android phone but also as ringtone from each friend.
And, you can send it by Bluetooth, mail, infrared transmission, IC transmission or IrSS transmission.
* some of these functions depend on your Android phone's specifications.
Let's share your masterpieces with friends and families!
Detail Detail
Go to Android Maket Go to Android Maket
  • Ordinary version : ¥300
  • Free version : free
  • Japanese
  • English
  • Korean
  • Android V2.1 over(Android V2.2 over recommended)
  • Phones with ARM CPU (ARMv7 CPU recommended) *not for phones with x86 CPU
  • Remained 200MB over empty in SD Memory Card or Storage with built-in USB (recommended)
  • Resolution of touch panel is HVGA over (recommended)
Usable sound file
  • AAC
  • WAV
  • Ogg Vorbis
  • MP3
* Not Protected by copyright.

'@Ringtone' is using these external libraries(open source).
  • ffmpeg
'@Ringtone' is using this for reading sound files, without changing ffmpeg. ffmpeg is based on LGPL.
  • libogg, libvorbis
'@Ringtone' is using this for making ringtone files.

Countact us
If you have any question about '@Ringtone', please visit our web site(Language: Japanese).
* Sorry! free version is outside of support.

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