Whether you want to make your own delicious cocktails, or simply look up exactly what you're drinking, this is a great app. Giving you over 350 tasty cocktail recipes at your finger tips, all with beautiful images and mixing techniques.

Now you can amaze your friends, impress your date, or simply brush up on your bartending skills.

With this easy to use app you can search for drinks by name, base alcohol or style. Whether you want to mix something sexy and seductive, something to relax with after work, or something with a real kick!!! this app has it all.

A cocktail to fit every mood, a fine app and an essential tool to get the dullest of parties swinging!!!!

Look at the image, name, strength and taste and quickly scroll through until you find your tipple.

Find your desired drink by typing part of the name or the name in full.

Search by alcohol base, colour or style (tropical, sexy, dandy, refreshing etc.).

Click on the desired cocktail to display, not only the ingredients, but also the preparation method, base alcohol, strength, style, and image.

Shake the mixer like a bartender and enjoy the lucky cocktail of the day.

From the settlings measurements can be shown in both "ml" or "oz".


The video shows DreamCocktail during its development. However, the video may differ a little from the original application.


【Release Date】
Now on sale

$1.99 (Free Lite Version)

Compatible with iPhone,iPod touch,and iPad.
Requires iOS 2.0 or later

Product Version

Lite Version

The Lite version has only 50 cocktails.
Available on iTunes App Store.

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