Live Chess will change the way people enjoy Chess!! DreamOnline proudly presents a revolutionary chess iPhone/iPad application and opens a new chapter on the history of the iPhone.

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in-app purchase button
All in-app purchases are available from Live Chess's app top menu.
in-app purchase iconon the application top screen will take you to the in-app purchase purchase window.

in-app purchase iconClass Match($0.99)
There are 7 different classes (leagues) you will belong to. You will go up and down among classes by promotion or relegation according to your winning rate. Please enjoy Live Chess as much as possible with this in-app purchase.

in-app purchase iconGame Notation Management($0.99)
This in-app purchase enables players to save move histories and review all saved histories. You can send your game notation in PGN format via email to share your good moves with your friends.

in-app purchase iconCommentary Chat Room($0.99)
All users are able to give a running commentary of live games in real time. You are also able to save, manage, and email all moves of a live games that you just watch and review them to improve your chess skill in PGN format.

in-app purchase iconMatchmaking Assistant($0.99)
If you don't know who you would like to play with, you can ask our matchmaking assistant to suggest an ideal opponent (by rating and class) ready to play with you from logged in players.

[Attention 1]
You need to re-download in-app purchases , when you reinstall LiveChess.
Please purchase in-app purchases again(no charge.).
The procedure is as follows.

--- Procedure ---
1. Select an in-app purchase from in-app purchase list.
2. Pop-up message appears and says,"Confirm You In-App Purchase Do you want to buy one... for $0.99?"
And then, choose [ Buy ].
3. Next , input your Apple ID and Password.
*Please use the same ID which you used last time you bought in-app purchases.
If you don't do so, it will be charged.
4. Next , Pop-up message appears and says,"You 've already purchased this.
Tap OK to download it again for free."
And then, push the [ OK ] button.

[Attention 2]
We cannot bring your ID and rating to new device which were used by other device .
It is because only one ID per device can be registered.
So, we recommend you to backuping before you restore.
If new device is synchronized after backup, only your rating will be succeeded .

*If you install this application from [AppStore] again after restoration,
your ID and rating will be lost.
Be careful, please.

download button
FREE Contains In-app purchases
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone,iPad, and iPod touch.
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